Top 7 Tools and Resources that Keep Boss Mums and Content Creators on Their A-Game

“You make being a mum look so easy!”, is the statement I continuously hear. Although that might be the impression based on how us mums portray our lives via social media one can also imagine that being a mum isn’t a glorious task either. Despite these facts, there are those of us that have several job descriptions, responsibilities and still happen to lead productive, goal driven lives. In this blog, you will learn how I prioritise my life as a single mother of two toddlers, with a full-time and part-time job while making time to invest in my website, social media platforms and still meet or supersede targets. Together we will uncover the Top 7 Tools and Resources that Keep Boss Mums and Content Creators on Their A-Game, especially in 2019.

Top 7 Tools and Resources that Keep Boss Mums and Content Creators on Their A-Game

  1. Passion Planner (Planning)
  2. Trello (Planning)
  3. Google Calendar (Planning)
  4. Kate Spade Smartwatch (Reminders)
  5. Meet Edgar (Scheduling Content)
  6. Preview (Scheduling Content)
  7. LastPass (Ease of Access)

1. Planning using Passion Planner

Planning is the easiest yet most important aspect of keeping on your A-Game to ensure you are on top of tasks, prioritize obligations and content building. In order to keep on top of the task, I have a few planning tips. The first one is to write down your goals and plan for the entire year. It may sound presumptuous but when I sat down in December of 2017 to plan for 2018 I found that I achieved greater success than when I committed to a week’s worth of tasks by using other planners. I’ve found by using the Passion Planner RoadMap I have been my most productive. I have found the best way to accomplish this is to set a time and place that you will be able to give yourself at least 3-4 hours and commit to going through your Passion Planner RoadMap and plan for the upcoming year. It’s best to make it a fun and exciting moment and I try to create an atmosphere where I have my Passion Planner open with colourful stickers, pens and highlighters and in the background, you can catch me listening to lofi jazz to help encourage me to unwind and focus at the task at hand.

In photo: Writer’s personal Passion Planner from 2017 for 2018


2. Trello/Asana

Trello is a fantastic free tool with an option to pay for any additional features required. This app allows you to bring a better perspective to your business by helping you prioritise tasks, projects or information at a glance. All of your projects can be charted according to the category in boards to keep a healthy workflow. All the information you need is in one collaborative location, which can increase more productivity and reduce emails. You can also add members to the board, share boards, and integrate other apps that help you keep up with tasks/boards.

Please click the below video for a more in-depth explanation of Trello.

Truthfully, I have toyed with Asana which also has a free and paid option. However, I have found greater turnaround productivity and success using Trello. For your convenience and to help you decide which tool is better for overall content planning and project management; please click —–> Trello Vs Asana

3. Google Calendar

After I chart out my tasks using Passion Planner and Trello, I also use my Google Calendar to enter upcoming appointments, meetings, content creation deadlines but perhaps if I used Asana I might’ve skipped a few of this steps. However, I prefer Google Calendar because I don’t have to look in several places before I can see my calendar, I can just sync my Google calendar to my iPhone and Kate Spade Smartwatch.

4. Kate Spade Smartwatch/Smartwatch

Ladies, can we just bask in how stylish this watch is? Truthfully, it is so pretty that I look forward to alerts and using it. One of my favourite features is the ability to change the face according to what I am wearing for the day, down to two colours and even change the details of the face. I was glad I invested in this Kate Spade Smartwatch.


5. MeetEdgar

Oh, MeetEdgar, how could I live without you?! Such a user-friendly, worth every penny, and straightforward tool.  All of the social media content for Facebook, Facebook Groups, Pages, Twitter, and Instagram I uploaded in Trello, I uploaded to MeetEdgar with ease to facilitate scheduling posts so that when I am busy in a meeting or unable to upload while I am on vacation, MeetEdgar has got my back with scheduled posts for each social media platform. I highly recommend to any and all Boss Moms, content creators, Social Media Managers and/or business owners to invest in this app. It only cost $49.00 USD per month but if you click here you will get $10.00 off your first month. For a further explanation of how to use MeetEdger; click here.

6. Preview

Preview is a free app that has a paid option. You can use this app to organize your content/post in preparation to upload on Instagram, and plan how you want your content to look prior to uploading. When using Preview, my favourite feature is the hashtag saving option and the ability to edit your photos. Since using this app I have been able to plan my content months in advance. I love this app and I wouldn’t be able to post my content so quickly, efficiently and seamlessly without it.

7. LastPass

On a daily basis I am constantly on social media, and with that comes changed or forgotten passwords – First World problems! Thankfully, when manoeuvring through each app or logging in a website,  I don’t get as frustrated as I did previously because I might’ve forgotten to complete a task because I forgot a password and switched to doing something else because of that interruption of my thought process. LastPass is a free app with a paid option for more features. This app is user-friendly, convenient, easy to manoeuvre through browsers and apps allowing you the capability of saving, copying passwords, the direct links to websites or even helping generate a new password hassle free.


Thank you for spending time with me, hope to see you soon! xx

Yours truly,

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