Stay-at-Home Mum Fund

What is the Stay-at-Home Mum Fund?

This is an amazing opportunity which allows members and non-members to give back to the community by donating any amount to reach a yearly goal, in order to help fund a mum for one year. These funds will go towards monthly expenses specific to her household in order to give her an opportunity to train, equip, and empower her child/children.

What can one expect of the process?

Our Processing Officers will have a strict selection process. Each candidate would have to display a particular need, have a genuine desire and willingness to commit to their children in this way. They will be involved in a six to eight week training, mentoring and teaching process, which requires full attendance and participation. If candidate is not performing to the funds approval criteria they will be removed from the selection pool.

To simplify there will be a four step process as outlined below:

  • Review of applications
  • Selection of potential Mums
  • Training, Teaching & Mentoring (6-8 weeks)
  • Final Qualified & Approved Mum

*Each candidate is subject to sign a release of information in order for the Processing Officers to determine if the candidate is a suitable recipient of this donation.


How can I give?

How can I apply?

  • Applications will open beginning September 2017 for one month. Click here for application form

Announcement of winner will be the first week of December.

Fund Approval Criteria

  • Only open to Caymanian citizens
  • Candidate subject to pre-screening interview which will include a review of all expenses/income
  • Candidate must reside in the Cayman Islands for the year of approval*
  • Candidates residing dependents most not be over the age of 12 at time of application submission
  • Candidate must be a mum and a born female
  • Candidate must go through the entire process to be the successful recipient
  • If candidate is not performing to the funds approval criteria, they will be removed from the selection pool.
  • Candidate will be asked to sign a photo and video waiver in order to participate
  • Single mothers are welcome!


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