Banging Postpartum Body | Beauty Tips for 2018

Becoming a mother is a beautiful experience, from seeing your bambino on the ultrasound, feeling the movements of your baby, to the end result of a holding your beautiful baby. Of course, it’s only natural to examine your body, wonder and anticipate getting back to the best version of you.  In my experience as a second-time mum who’s, children are months apart, I couldn’t resist the need to nurture & cultivate my own version of a banging bombshell body! Since my journey, I’ve been compelled to share my results. Being a mum is hard and we can easily get carried away by the rush of life, and sometimes and we can even lose ourselves. Trust me, I was there and that why I’m sharing my tips as I am journeying to my perfect postpartum banging bombshell body!

Come journey with me! #teammumbpb


Often when we think about our banging bombshell body we think about the physical. Fortunately for you, we will explore physical, mental and spiritual aspects of cultivating and nurturing your own Banging Bombshell Body.


  • Excercise
  • Breastfeeding
  • Diet/Food
  • Self-care



Unfortunately there is no magic pill that allows you to lose weight overnight, otherwise, I’d find it and share it because if it was easy there would be no mention of the word exercise (crying!) in this blog. Personally, I don’t know very many women who love to exercise while juggling the demanding responsibilities of motherhood, so I will tell you the honest truth; I hate to exercise but I love to shop! So I found a shortcut through membership with Fabletics you have the option to become a member and you are charged USD $59.00 per month so that you can use the funds towards sexy exercise gear, accessories etc plus you get access to VIP perks including weekly video exercises. (WIN, WIN!) No pressure! However, if you are seeking a free option for targetted workout videos,  please head over to Fitness for Moms.

Am I reading your mind? Aren’t you wondering, how in the world am I going to exercise with kid/s. I have two children and my son is brilliant at dancing, and while I’m working out he’s getting a little workout and believe me he sleeps easily after dinner, our daughter, however, is very fussy and likes attention so I put a tip below for you to try out with the kiddos.


Spread a padded sheet or several on the floor, place a few pillows around her or him, place some colorful toys that are soft and easily accessible in the area and get your exercise near the same area you spread the sheets in. Our daughter was 6 months when I started writing this and she usually just watches us have fun and laughs.

TIP NO. 2:

Purchase secondhand exercise gear like weights, yoga mat or maybe even workout gear via CayMums Buy & Sell if you reside in the Cayman Islands.

TIP NO. 3:

If you are interested in working out and may not have the funds to begin but you want to attend a gym; try telephoning your nearest gym to see if they have a trial period and what the longest time it would be. Perhaps, this is something that can help you like it did for me because I got one week free at World Gym, Cayman Islands and believe me, I utilized it and I got all of my girlfriends to do the same.


If you can do it! More power to you hunny, it certainly does help bring your tummy in and can allow you to have less belly fat.

PS. Stay hydrated


So apparently 80% of our banging body result is contributed to what we eat, and I am a Caribbean mum so, it is damn near difficult to eat “healthy”, however, I’ve been enjoying finding alternatives to replace my loves. For example, quinoa is my new alternative to rice and fruits are my new sweet treats. But believe me, sweetheart, it isn’t easy but, my results are worth it.


Skin: (face)

Juice beauty- (Acne line)

After having my last child my skin looked horrendous, I had (acne) dark spots on my face, décolleté and body plus dry skin. I got easily frustrated because my skin was not reacting well to some products, either leaving my skin too dry or too oily. But, I have great news! Juice Beauty was the brand I used for the acne spots on my face and skin; this brand is made up of Organic ingredients, used with a blend of ingredients ranging from green apple, grape, lemon & aloe. (so if you’re allergic, stay away) but baby mama, if you’re not and you want your acne cleared up; use their Blemish clearing line and/or their Pregnancy Peel.


100% Pure (Face, body, make-up)

Hands down, I loved this brand! This was the brand I used to follow-up with my skincare, makeup and body routine.  100% PURE® goes beyond just their name and ingredients; they commit to produce the purest products, and to promote clean, healthier living.

Skin: (Body)

Body scrubs assist to help to remove dead skin, promote youthful looking skin while exfoliating with sea salt/sugar which helps with acne. If you stay consistent and exfoliate your body at least once a day depending on your sensitivity.

Try this free DIY recipe I’m a Mum Founder created below:


  1. Cane sugar
  2. Tea tree oil
  3. Manuka Honey
  4. Avocado oil (light oils are best)


I’ve really taken this self-care thing, seriously! I get a wax every six-eight weeks and believe me, I feel like I never had hair in my life after each session. Honestly, I expected worst regarding the area of pain but my armpits were most painful. If you want an extra pazazz in the bedroom, I dare you to invest in waxing your coochie!


Hair Vitamins

Nobody knows better than SugerBearHair Vitamins, it has worked so well for me and by the first two weeks, my nails started to harden which is a miracle! I have so many issues with brittle nails and ever since I tried this product for the past three months I’ve seen significant evidence with results.



Clearly, you’ve gotten this far through our blog post so you must enjoy reading and if you’re anything like me you had to put your phone down several times before finally getting here, believe me, I can relate! So, I found an alternative to reading, which is something called Audible. This is a wonderful alternative to reading in which you are able to listen to the content of the book being read to you! So, when I’m washing up dishes in the night (PM) and the kiddos are off to bed I get to enjoy my favorite thing! BOOKS…



If you think you may be experiencing Postpartum Depression, please contact your Physician for moral support. At “I’m a Mum” we understand what it is like to experience PostPartum Depression, and the feelings that follow therefore we partnered with our amazing friend, and licensed Therapist, Celeste Coffman, she has two free courses available to you anywhere in the world.

Stress Quick Dip


We hope you enjoyed our blog and found the information provided resourceful!

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