About Us

Here at I’m a Mum, we pride ourselves in creating a website/platform in order to inspire, support, educate and empower mums and caregivers from around the world. We believe mums have the ability to be the stabilizing force in all aspect of their lives, to grow, cultivate and nurture an atmosphere which is healthy for a productive outcome for themselves, family, children and the World.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide access to our website/platform by way of membership, which will allow mums and caregivers to connect; in order to fill the gap for a caregiver or a care job.

Core values

We believe:

  • That family is of fundamental importance
  • That honesty is always the best policy and that trust can be earned
  • We all need someone who has our back in this journey of life
  • In being good stewards of excellent resources
  • In maintaining a healthy work/life balance
  • Providing resources that positively impact & influence the lives of families
  • In collaboration, educating and living life to your fullest potential

We believe that every single one of us as the ability to achieve incredible things, and life is too short to waste the opportunity to make it happen.

However, sometimes being a mother can be a very challenging journey. Or Not.

Have you ever felt like…

  • You’re confused about who you should hire for your childcare needs?
  • You’ve got a million ideas as a mum and you’re not sure which one is going to work out the best, so you go round and round in circles and cave in at the easiest opportunity?
  • You’re isolated and lonely because you don’t know any other like-minded mums to talk to about what you’re going through?
  • You’re stuck and you’re fed up and just want to break free and do whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing in life?
  • You’re not sure of activities, resources and healthy options that are available to mums?
  • Do you need to be inspired as a mum?
  • You’re unsure of ways to have a healthy work/life balance as a mum?
  • You’re interested in being more organized and require resources that positively impact and influence your life?
  • You desire knowledge and always have a desire to learn more?
  • Do you need to find a Caregiver in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands?
  • Do you need to find a Caregiver in the United Kingdom or the United States of America?

If so, you’re human! I think most of us feel like this at some point or another.


Here’s the truth…

Being a mum is like being on a roller coaster ride in the dark… you feel alone, you feel scared, there are ups and downs, you haven’t got a clue what’s coming next, but all the while you feel exhilarated, it’s exciting. You’re smiling, even though on the inside you’re thinking ‘what the hell am I doing!?’

I think we all feel like this at some point.

We have to just stay focused on what we’re trying to achieve, learn as much as we can, get inspired, build a network of support around ourselves, keep going and keep on keeping on.

“Successful people are the ones who hold on when everyone else had let go.”


We are here to help you succeed and enjoy your journey as a mum. Here are the kinds of things you will find going on here:

  • Online Caregiver Database/Platform: provide access to an online database of domestic helpers, nannies & childcare providers within the Cayman Islands and Worldwide. Count me in!
  • Monthly videos: inspirational videos with real-life women, who share their experiences; get inspired now. “How Did She Do it?” Find out more here.
  • Members’ Club: online communities where you can mingle with like-minded women from around the world and get the support you need to succeed as an expecting, new or veteran mum. Find out more here.
  • Team Mum: provide coaching for mums who have particular life goals, who require a more personalized support system.
  • Amazing resources: health, social activities, and services
  • Newsletters: our free monthly newsletter on upcoming activities in the community, resources and services.
  • Magazine: our free magazine every four months, “I’m a Mum”, is full of inspiring interviews and how-to features to help you grow as a mum. View all past issues here.
  • Facebook page: our Facebook page is where you can get shots of inspiration throughout the day. With fans, it’s a busy buzzing hive of activity and inspiration. Visit the page here.
  • Printables: we create free workbooks, challenges, and printables that you can download and print off to help you grow as a mum. Have a look at the previous printables here.

To receive our weekly dose of inspiration and be notified of new challenges and workbooks, sign up to our mailing here.



There are a number of ways for you to get involved with the #TeamMum:

  • Share your story: we love publishing inspiring stories about the journeys of mothers. If you’d like to share your story then click here.
  • Contribute: if you’d like to send us a video, write an article for the magazine or website that you think mothers would love to read then let us know! Find out more here.


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